Timber frames make tremendous grand structures. But they can also make charming minimalist buildings. 

We are currently offering two basic models of timber tiny houses, 196 square feet. and 384 square feet. These modular pieces can be adapted to have a half or full loft, a shed for storage or a porch, or a cantilevered hay hood for a small porch. The models given are basic, designed for optimum efficiency and economy, but we can easily add architectural details and joinery. 

These frames make excellent small residences, in-law suites, workshops, or garden sheds. While a timber frame will always cost more than a stick frame, these smaller structures are priced very affordably, and are an excellent entry into owning a timber frame. We can provide, concrete piers, framing, decking, insulation, and finish woodwork. Slabs, electrical, plumbing, and roofing are well outside of our scope. we have a good relationship with excellent contractors that we would be happy to recommend.